Introduction to Sunny King from CryptoBeast

Recently, V SYSTEMS team had been in an interview with CryptoBeast, an influencial UK cryptocurrency blogger. We would like to share his lastest publication with the community to tell you about V SYSTEMS project and how Sunny King wishes to change the Blockchain world from an independent point of view.

Conclusion and my opinion
"V SYSTEMS are really un-restricting in what they can achieve with the V SYSTEMS PLATFORM and their Blockchain and are looking to create blockchain that is more scalable, cheaper and user friendly, which in turn will allow even more businesses and individuals to get involved in the industry. Their success in this project will create better Blockchains for all of us!
This is a project I was excited about since 2017! I wrote up an article about them before and now I have actually spoken to them directly and they have achieved exactly what they promised over a year ago, they have done above and beyond and have no sign of stopping."

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