What Is V SYSTEMS' Blockchain Database?

Blockchain Databases = Multiple Purposes

Key to Sunny King’s vision is the idea that scalable, cost-efficient blockchains can power decentralised databases, revolutionising the way businesses can be run. V SYSTEMS is working on providing the world’s first full-featured blockchain database for storing object-oriented data.

Blockchain-based databases can support more complex applications, such as financial, gaming, social and other application scenarios that depend on databases’ storage and organisational abilities. Databases on blockchains will have high concurrency, the capacity for customisation, efficient indexing, data security and a host of other desirable application scenarios.

All of these applications will become faster, more flexible and easily scalable when they can be run on dedicated blockchains. Sunny King and the team at V SYSTEMS have already mapped out and started delivering key aspects of database functionalities to run on blockchains — with more to come.

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