How Can You Store VSYS Coins?

V SYSTEMS Mainnet provides hot wallet and cold wallet for best security solution to store VSYS Coins.

Hot wallet stores private and public keys and interacts with V SYSTEMS blockchain to enable users to send, receive and lease VSYS Coins as well as monitor their balance. It is supported on both browser and Android devices, with iOS coming soon. Feel free to download Android hot wallet from official website and Google Play.

Cold wallet offers the best method of safeguarding VSYS Coins because it stores crypto assets offline and literally put it in the hands of the owners. VSYS cold wallet is immune to hacking, phishing, and damage and prevents users from losing funds, which is ideal for long-term storage. It is now supported to download and install on both Android and iOS devices. VSYS Coin holders can download iOS cold wallet from App Store and Android cold wallet from Google Play.

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