What Is the Roadmap of V SYSTEMS 2019-2020?

Further major tasks for V SYSTEMS in the backlog for 2019 roadmap are: support for object oriented database transactions, privacy, smart contract platform, SDK for enterprise Dapps and top of that a decentralized mobile internet network. All in all a quite comprehensive ecosystem for blockchain infrastructure and applications once implemented.
With the underlying foundation of the SPoS-enabled net now running, the next step is to create an application development platform, a set of quick, easy-to-use development tools, a stable and secure smart contract, features that support future enterprise applications, and the basis of mobile-enabled blockchains. The five important milestones VEE has released for next year are aimed to provide these core requirements.
1. Blockchain full-featured databases and cloud development
Blockchain-based databases can support more complex applications, such as financial, gaming, social and other application scenarios that depend on databases’ storage and organisational abilities. Databases on blockchains will have high concurrency, the capacity for customisation, efficient indexing, data security and a host of other desirable application scenarios.
2. Platform and modular design
Core blockchain database functions such as consensus management, block tree management, interchain processing, transaction processing, data formats, peer networks, and internet protocols will be constructed as independent templates or building blocks.
3. The stable and safe smart contract
The VEE native blockchain will support the next generation of smart contracts through facilities for non-fungible assets, registered assets, implementation verification requirements for different situations, and support for more complex situations. More information on how VEE will industrialise smart contracts will be made available during 2019.
4. Enterprise DAPP Support
The VEE native blockchain platform will fully implement Enterprise Decentralised Application (DAPP) support with a full privacy protection layer for smart contracts, databases, and cloud development on mobile devices. An Enterprise DAPP’s back-end code will run on VEE’s decentralised peer-to-peer network, unlike conventional apps whose back-end code runs on centralised servers.
5. Decentralized mobile internet
The modern economy depends more and more on mobile-based applications for commerce, gaming, social media and communication. The roadmap introduces the innovative concept of the blockchain-enabled MAPP (Mobile APP): the VEE team will combine blockchain technology and mobile internet offerings to create a new decentralised mobile internet network with browser support for mobile phone users, simplifying blockchain operations in mobile internet applications. We are working on applying blockchain traits such as data synchronisation and integrity to several existing mobile phone operating systems.

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